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Thirty years of editorial, design, media relations, production & content experience; certified credit empowerment counselor for credit repair, restoration.


Jill Parker Landsman is a dynamic communications professional who has worked in the media business in the Washington, D.C area for three decades. She was written testimony that was presented on Capitol Hill, editorials, news and feature articles for daily newspapers, press releases, social media posts, magazine features and more.


Her strengths include the ability to produce, edit and oversee news and feature content over multiple print and online sources while meeting deadlines.


Branding and branded messages need attention, and Jilll understands how over-saturated readers are in today's world. 


These are the industries that she has covered:

Health Care, Residential & Commercial Construction, Technology Education, Travel, Real Estate, Finance.


She earned her master's degree in real estate at Realtor(r) University in May 2016.

Read her RU blog here:

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